Erasmus+ programme


A special attention is given to ERASMUS + mobility programs as support activities for enhancing quality assurance, establishing further institutional relationships and improving the international visibility and attractiveness of the institution. Erasmus helps to build international confidence and experience and to open the university to international visitors and networks, it enables knowledge transfer.

George Bacovia university aims to internationalization as a challenge, an opportunity, but also an essential condition for institutional development. Mobility programs contribute to achieving such goals, increasing visibility, both at regional and national level as well as internationally. George Bacovia University in Bacau has been running Erasmus programs since 2007.

Erasmus + strategy at George Bacovia University focus on encouraging transnational cooperation between universities, fostering greater European mobility of students and teachers, and contributing to improved transparency and academic recognition of qualifications and studies throughout the European Union.

The added value of these programs is mainly related to recognition of qualifications and increased transparency of the education and training system across Europe. The Erasmus + Mobility Program applied at George Bacovia University in Bacau contributes to the opening and modernization of the University through the implementation of new teaching methods, the exchange of best practices, the review and internationalization of study programs, and the improvement of institutional management and governance.

The value of an international experience goes beyond simply acquiring language skills - it consists of the ability to perceive business issues and personal aspects from a perspective other than that of the culture from which the recipient comes from. The transferable skills and competences that students acquire through Erasmus + programs bring them the extra value that employers of the business environment want. Given that we live in a globalized environment, more and more people are looking for an international perspective.